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How cleanable is your velvet sofa?

How cleanable is your velvet sofa?

Saturday 3rd June 2017

Velvet sofas look and feel amazing when new.

Whilst many of these fabrics are easily washable, beware that some velvety fabrics (velvet cotton or viscose) deteriorate rapidly under the slightest drop of water. This means that your beautiful designer sofa could easily be ruined, if not already protected against spills and water damage.

How to test the fabric of your velvety sofa:

- apply a damp towel to the sample of fabric provided (usually under a seat cushion), or on a small patch completely out of sight, in case it goes wrong.
- when fully dry, brush your hand over it in various directions
- if it just blends in with the rest as normal, the pile is not affected and your sofa should be easy to clean and maintain.
- if the test patch still looks or feels different to the fabric around it, the pile is permanently distorted (ruined). If so, look into protecting it against spills. We can provide this for you.