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Carpet cleaning and carpet care

Thursday 15th January 2015

Would you like to see what a truly dedicated carpet cleaner can do?

At Snug in a Rug, we care about your carpets, your home and your health.

The truth is, it takes real time and dedication to clean a carpet the way it should be done. There are several key steps involved.

Unfortunately, many carpet cleaners are quite happy to skip a few of these steps either to save time and effort, or because they don't know any better. To get acceptable results, they often rely on strong detergents, steaming hot water and (if you're lucky) powerful machines to blast it all in and out. High heat and strong detergents will indeed blast the dirt, but they will also damage the carpet fibre - weakening its resilience to wear and tear - and reduce the quality of the air in your home.

At Snug in a Rug we don't skip any steps. We use a full kit of professional equipment, and we replace strong detergents with completely safe, plant-based solutions, so there's no risk of giving you coughs, asthma attacks or skin irritation. The water doesn't even need to be steaming hot. Our equipment and methods are effective enough to clean your carpets thoroughly and leave them almost dry, and leave you breathing properly.

There is one downside: it takes time to go through every step properly, so don't call us if you expect us to be in and out.

But if it is true quality that you want and care about, then so do we.