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Why you should NOT steam clean a carpet or sofa

Monday 28th September 2015

"Steam cleaning" is not the proper term for carpet cleaning. To properly clean a carpet, you do not need steam. This is a misconception. Steam is not only unnecessary, it is damaging to the carpet fibre.

Here is why you should NOT steam clean a carpet or fabric:

1. Steam can cause burns
2. Steam cleaning can cause wool fibres to felt and "shrink"
3. Steam cleaning can cause synthetic fibres to melt
4. Steam cools down very quickly - losing its "cleaning" properties within seconds
5. A steam "mop" does not deep clean: it only wipes the surface of the carpet or fabric
6. Steam can cause permanent damage and staining

To clean effectively and safely, you need to:

1. Vacuum thoroughly to remove loose dry soil first (remember, dust + water = mud)
2. Know the strengths and limitations of the fibre(s) you want to clean
3. Know the type(s) of soil you want to remove
4. Apply the appropriate, non-toxic cleaning chemicals
5. Agitate and/or leave to dwell as required
6. Thoroughly rinse and extract the soil and cleaning solution