Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning at its best

We work in accordance with the British Standards (PAS86 Code of Practice). And we go the extra mile by selecting cleaning solutions that are not only the most performant on the market today, but also the most caring for you, for your carpets and for the environment.

At our initial survey and quote, we assess the carpet fibre and its construction. If your carpet is suitable for water-extraction cleaning, as most carpets are, we work through these 5 essential steps:

  • Thorough vacuum, including tight corners and edges
  • Spotting: taking care of any potentially difficult spots and stains
  • Pre-spray: a cleaning solution is applied over all the areas to clean
  • Agitation: this process works the pre-spray into the carpet pile
  • Rinse-extraction: removing the soil using a high-performance professional machine

Where applicable, we will also do the following:

  • Moving furniture and putting it back in place on protective tabs
  • Grooming: to aid drying and/or reset the pile
  • Accelerated drying with a fan

We check that you are satisfied with the results before we pack away. The carpet will be ready to use within 2 hours.

(*) Occasionally, some carpets do not require, or are not suitable for, water-extraction cleaning. In these instances, we can provide alternative and more appropriate cleaning methods, such as encapsulation cleaning (low moisture) or dry-compound cleaning (very low moisture).

Note: We never leave those obvious triangular marks on the carpet. These "carpet cleaning" marks are unprofessional. If left to dry like that, they can be permanent. It is also against the British Standards to leave such marks.

Our 7-day guarantee: if you are not completely happy, please let us know within 7 days. We will do our best to put things right at no extra charge.

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