Upholstery Cleaning

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Upholstery and fabric cleaning is a delicate and skilled job.

Whilst the process and equipment are broadly similar to carpet cleaning, there is a lot more to cleaning upholstery and fabrics than to cleaning carpets : it requires further specialist training, some specialist upholstery tools, and a lot of "hands-on" care.

Firstly, fabrics are infinitely more varied (in fibre and weave type), and generally a lot more delicate than most carpets. It is essential to know, test and understand the fabrics we are cleaning to avoid risks of fabric distortion, colour-run, etc.

And secondly, upholstery fabrics are only a very thin layer, usually covering a cushion or seat frame. So it is very important to control moisture whilst cleaning, by using the correct tools and the right skills. This ensures that the inner material does not get over-wetted, and your upholstery is dry in just a few hours, not several days.

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