Eco-friendly Cleaning

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We go further than the norm: our powerful cleaning solutions are eco-friendly

Most carpet cleaners around the country still use traditional detergent-based carpet cleaning chemicals. These formulations are loaded with synthetic chemicals, must be rinsed with very hot water and rinsing agents, and tend to leave sticky residue.

But there is no need to put up with this any longer. Our high-tech solutions are super-powerful, non-toxic and detergent-free. And guess what, they are made from all natural ingredients! (plants and food-grade salts)

This means that our cleaning solutions:

  • Are completely safe for everyone, even for babies and pets, and if you are asthmatic, have skin allergies, etc.
  • Rinse easily with just plain cold water, no heat or rinsing agent required
  • Are biodegradable and non-resoiling, leaving no sticky residue
  • Are kind to your carpet, leaving it softer and cleaner for longer

Performance-wise, there is no compromise. When it comes to cleaning results, our solutions out-perform traditional detergents, even on "problem" areas.

So give us a try!

Our 7-day guarantee: if you are not completely happy, please let us know within 7 days. We will do our best to put things right at no extra charge.

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